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Here at KTMA we do our best to provide you the widest selection of classes to suit your needs. From the differing age groups, to beginner and advanced classes & even specialised classes to hone our student’s talents, we are confident that you will have a great time on your learning journey with us...

Tiny Tots Classes help students discover martial arts in a fun and informative way while teaching coordination,self control, responsibility and healthy play habits

Jr. Kids Classes help students release all their extra energy and at the same time promote responsible learning, self-discipline and serves as a confidence booster!

Kids Classes focuses on teaching the values of Respect and Sportsmanship while inculcating in them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the martial art!

Teens classes pivot around building our student’s mental and physical fortitude, providing them strength to persevere through difficult times in training and in life

Adults classes allow you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun! It’s never too late to start with KTMA!

As one of the few schools in Singapore to provide specialised classes, we take
great pride in allowing our students to find the perfect class to pursue their own specialty...

Sparring Class

This class is highly recommended for students holding the green belt and above. Here, students can learn the art of self-defence in a safe and comfortable environment.

Pattern Class

KTMA is the Only school in Singapore to provide specialised pattern classes for our students. Here, students can learn about the precise movements of Taekwondo

Black Belt Class

A Black belt is the start of a whole new journey! Join this special class for some of the best action Taekwondo has to offer! From breaking wooden boards, to learning advanced level kicks and flips, this class is a MUST JOIN for all black belt students!

Competition Class

Here at KTMA, we know just how important it is to have a specialised class that focuses on students aiming for the top. With state of the art electronic equipment just for this class, we promise to deliver our best, so you can perform at your best.

Demonstration Class

Ever wanted to perform flying kicks and backflips in front of a crowd? In this special advanced class, we will teach you how to do all that, and more! We even have demonstrations from time to time that we'd love you to take part in!